IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal — Behbal Kalan Firing Case

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Behbal Kalan Firing Case

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) arrested IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal, who was not commanding the police force directly during allegedly opened fire on people protesting against the desecration of religious texts.

Strengthening the entire case, the court cleared the paradox revolving around the weapon from which Ajit Singh got injured.

The new SIT’s probe has also been focusing on the alleged distortion of evidence in the Behbal Kalan firing case.

The public prosecutor quibbled that Senior Punjab police officer Paramraj Singh Umranangal is falsely framed within this case and there is conspiracy behind violence and subsequent Kotkapura firing case is yet to be confirmed .

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Facts About IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal Case

ig umranangal behbal Kalan firing case

It is clear sourced from the police file that IG Paramraj Umranangal was not the only police officer who was commanding the law enforcement team.

Not even a single activist came forward preceding the SIT claiming that Umranangal was commanding the authorities .

Understand it honorable court mentioned that it is clear from the police file the fact that the statements recorded through police were actually of the protesters of some other incident.

IGP paramraj singh umranangal gets blanket bail

Punjab and Haryana High Court have granted blanket bail to IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal. The court has also instructed Punjab police to give notice one week before being allowed to go ahead for any action in criminal cases against IG Umranangal.

How you can expect justice from the investigation team that isn’t is updated, can be difficult amongst themselves?

It doesn’t matter which family one belongs. People should agree to that whenever someone does something illegal, they must face the consequences.

Having said that, in the event the investigation is politically driven, it’s very challenging to find the real culprit behind the conspiracy and it becomes easy to accuse someone whose last name carries political weight in Punjab Politics.

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Public Opinion About Punjab IG Umranangal

Despite|the majority of people having merely a minor interest in politics, the fundamental assumption of democracy is that citizens have an idea of what they want the government to do.

People opinion, however, has strong political consequences. Public opinions shape voting decisions, and many people commented in favor of IG umranangal on Facebook Page Standing Strong Umranangal

Amrish Kumar May Almighty bless 🙏 you. We always stand for you, Sir

Gurbani Buttar We are forever thankful for Paramraj uncle and his family for their contribution to the society and the will to stand with the truth and what’s right.

Many speak baselessly without realising the real weight of false stories and half-known facts. Many speak aimlessly without understanding what Punjab faced and how some chosen brave hearts took the bullet and faced the brunt saving many lives.

Such people should be respected, celebrated and cherished, for they are the torchbearers of peace and humanity.

Karan Wahi Brave n honest officer 😊🙏🏽always dere for u sir n with ur family

Varinderjit Singh Waheguru Maher kar GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY

Winky Kaur Yes , Great lineage !! Read the article and recalled the old times . Waheguru is the only support to carry on with conviction and be forthright. God bless . I SUPPORT .

SurendraNath Kapoor Kudos

Mani Tonsa👍👍

Gurmeet Singh Litt Thanks for your good information….people of Punjab have weak memory

Tunnu Singh👍

Ranjodh Singh👍👍

Rakesh Vaid Doesn’t matter, one belongs to which family or not, if anybody has commited something illegel,must face the consequences…

Biggest question is still unanswered, who ordered to shoot, on the praying people..

Angad Dhaliwal Rakesh Vaid it does matter which family one belongs to when members of those family have sacrificed their lives to uphold the sovereignty of this nation.

We agree with you that when someone does something illegal, they must face the consequences however, when the investigation is politically driven, its very hard to find the real culprit and very easy to indict someone whose last name carries political weight in Punjab Politics.

Ranjodh Singh I’m with u Bai G

Gagan Brar Always with fufarji

Anil Vasal U don’t worry HE is with you.

Vivek Kumar We sure do stand with this unflinching Hero! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Rakesh Dhawan Very good officer

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IG Umranangal Gets Relief From High Court in Behbal Kalan Firing Case

paramraj singh umranangal out on bail

Now the whole thing clarifies one point that the Behbal Kalan incident happened but who was behind this propaganda, still not clear ..

The one who was an easy target was framed as the real accused.

But if we go with the facts that mystery revolving around the weapon from which Ajit Singh got injured or even the CCTV footage which shows that people were attacking police officials.

It clarifies that if someone is in a situation that a mob is attacking them, they could go panic to take a step further. The same happened in this incident.

armed policemen deployed

Besides, there were several armed policemen deployed at the disturbance location, with so many armed men present at the scene, it isn’t clear who gave an order or who panicked and fired.

Also, IG Umranangal was not leading the police as two senior officers, additional director general of police (ADGP) Rohit Chaudhary and IG (Bathinda zone) Jatindra Jain were present in the district.

Finally, Punjab police officer Paramraj Singh Umranangal has been granted a blanket bail from the Punjab and Haryana HC.

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